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    Physical Data Model For GL

      Hi Experts,

      I am new to Oracle Apps, I need Data Model for GL tables..from wherer we can get it.

      Please suggest !

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Data models are available at https://etrm.oracle.com

          You will need a valid MOS account to access this site.

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            As you aware major part of GL is based on Chart of Account, Calander (GL Period) and Currency, you can check all tables related to these.

            You can use below query to get those tables :

            select from all_tables where table_name like 'GL%' and owner='GL'*
            and table_name not like 'GL_ALLOC%' and table_name not like 'GL_CONS%'

            Please do refer the doc suggested by the other expert in this thread..

            S.P DASH

            N.B : We believe you put a GL question in a wrong folder/Thread (Procurement) :).. you could have received a better response had it been in Finance folder.. :)
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              There is a tool called Saphir from Silwood Technology that is all about discovering metadata from packaes like EBiz. It lets you scope the set of tables you want and then export to things like Designer, Visio and ERwin.