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    11i/10g RAC Failover Test


      Anybody did 11i/10g RAC Failover test. How to do the test and what steps involved. What is expected when one node down?

      my config
      web, admin, form - appsnode1
      concurrent / db (rac1) - dbnode1
      concurrent /db (rac2) - dbnode2

      Thanks for your help.

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          You can check the below

          1. VIP Failover - VIP should failover when node gets rebooted.
          2. When one of the node is down you should still be able to logon to applications.
          3. Since you have only one node and do not use PCP you CM processes will die.Make sure you start them.
          4.Once you bring the node back , test your load balancing is happening fine across both the db nodes.

          Let me know if this is helpful/correct and if you need more information.

          Nitin Arora