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    PO Revision number not incrementing

      Dear All,

      I am having an issue in PO revision number. Below is the test scenario:

      I have created a standard purchase order. Approve it. At the time of approving I have unchecked print, fax and email option. My PO Archival mode is set to “Communicate”.

      Now after PO got approved, from purchase order summary form I query my PO and from menu (Tools -> Communicate), I communicate the PO using email option.

      Now I go to purchase order form and re-query my PO. Changes the unit price and save. The PO status changes from “Approved” to “Requires Reapproval”, but PO Revision number is not incremented from “0” to “1”.

      Do you know why?? (In this case PO output for communication does not launches. Is this the oracle bug??)

      However, if I communicate my PO using “print” option instead of “Email” option from purchase order summary form (Menu tools -> communicate), then after this when I made some changes in PO then it’s revision number incremented successfully. (In this case PO Output for communication launches)

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind Regards