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    Supplier Approval

      Is there an approval process for adding suppliers and editing supplier information? Currently, there is only one user who has the access to add and edit suppliers. We would like all new suppliers requires approval from the procurement head. We would like to make sure that any suppliers avaiable are approved vendors before creating purchase orders.
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          I've never heard of approval process for data like suppliers, and if I consider the number of answers you received, i'm not alone in this case.

          A solution could be to inform, with an daily alert, the procurment head about all the creation/modification in the supplier / supplier sites list.

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            iSupplier has this functionality - it is separate module but can be worked to fit requirements.

            Alternatively you could custom code this (as I have done similar on a couple of occasions) using inactive_date on the Supplier to control whether or not it is active.

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