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    AIA 3.0 installer fails in step 10 of 11 at  Deploy Application Deployments


      we are trying to install AIA 3.0 on linux environment.
      we are getting the following error. Kindly provide inputs if anyone has faced similar issues.

      [echo] ======================================
      [echo] DeploymentPlan file ="/app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/config/FPInstallDP.xml"
      [echo] ======================================

      [echo] Deployment log -- /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/aia_instances/AIAFP30/logs/FPInstallDP_Deployments_2010-02-02_17-12-10.log
      [echo] === Executing Deployments ===
      [xslt] Processing /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/config/FPInstallDP.xml to /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/aia_instances/AIAFP30/tmp/AIDExecuteDP_temp_41477337.xml
      [xslt] Loading stylesheet /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/aia_instances/AIAFP30/tmp/AIDExtractxsl_temp_1018895610.xsl

      [wlst] @@@ Starting the deployment script ...
      [wlst] Connecting to t3://hydhtc70560d.ad.infosys.com:7001 with userid weblogic ...
      [wlst] Successfully connected to Admin Server 'AdminServer' that belongs to domain 'SOADomain'.
      [wlst] Warning: An insecure protocol was used to connect to the
      [wlst] server. To ensure on-the-wire security, the SSL port or
      [wlst] Admin port should be used instead.
      [wlst] Location changed to edit tree. This is a writable tree with
      [wlst] DomainMBean as the root. To make changes you will need to start
      [wlst] an edit session via startEdit().
      [wlst] For more help, use help(edit)
      [wlst] You already have an edit session in progress and hence WLST will
      [wlst] continue with your edit session.
      [wlst] Starting an edit session ...
      [wlst] Started edit session, please be sure to save and activate your
      [wlst] changes once you are done.
      [wlst] Warning: Unrecognized option stage is being ignored
      [wlst] Deploying application from /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/applications/AIAHomeApp.ear to targets soa_server1 (upload=true) ...
      [wlst] <Feb 2, 2010 5:12:17 PM IST> <Info> <J2EE Deployment SPI> <BEA-260121> <Initiating deploy operation for application, AIAHomeApp [archive: /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/applications/AIAHomeApp.ear], to soa_server1 .>
      [wlst] You have an edit session in progress, hence WLST will not
      [wlst] block for your deployment to complete.
      [wlst] Started the Deployment of Application. Please refer to the returned WLSTProgress object or variable LAST to track the status.
      [wlst] Current Status of your Deployment:
      [wlst] Deployment command type: deploy
      [wlst] Deployment State : running
      [wlst] Deployment Message : no message
      [wlst] No stack trace available.
      [wlst] Activating all your changes, this may take a while ...
      [wlst] The edit lock associated with this edit session is released
      [wlst] once the activation is completed.

      /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/AIAInstallDriver.xml:167: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/AIAExecuteDriver.xml:106: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/AIAExecuteDriver.xml:58: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/aia_instances/AIAFP30/tmp/AIDExecuteDP_temp_41477337.xml:11: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      /app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/lib/AIDDeploymentLibraryTasks.xml:90: Traceback (innermost last):
      File "/app/oracle/Middleware/AIAFP30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/lib/py/deployApplication.py", line 36, in ?
      File "<iostream>", line 376, in activate
      File "<iostream>", line 1744, in raiseWLSTException
      WLSTException: Error occured while performing activate : Error while Activating changes. :
      Use dumpStack() to view the full stacktrace

      Total time: 27 seconds
      <Feb 2, 2010 5:12:36 PM IST> <Warning> <JNDI> <BEA-050001> <WLContext.close() was called in a different thread than the one in which it was created.>
      Step Deploy Application Deployments failed
      Step Deploy Application Deployments failed
      Deploy Application Post-Install
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