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    Requisition Approval customization

      Here is a requirement -

      Reqs for a certain supplier are approved outside iProcurement in the client's internal system. Such reqs are still re-entered into iProcurement. But they do not need to go through the approval cycle as they are deeemed to be already approved. Unfortunately, similar items with same account or category may be requisitioned from another suppliers - which means we cannot setup an approval group with a very high amount for the special supplier's account or category.

      As I see it, there are 2 parts where the requirement to bypass approval comes into play -

      1. Customize the Req Approval workflow to bypass approval for specific supplier/site (as listed in a custom value set). Any ideas where exactly it should be put in the Main Requisition Approval process without hurting the rest of the process flow?

      2. When the approver list gets shown to the preparer while entering the req. I am not sure if this can be customized to ignore the approver list created. Also, if there is a way to avoid the notification going out that the requisition has been sent to the approver.

      Any inputs are appreciated.