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    Media Object Problem

      Hi all,
      i am running the jded application on xp and which has ie 6 as the web broswer. The application runs fine except the media objects. Inside Foundation there is an application P01012 (address book revisions) which holds the address numbers, alpha name etc. It has a grid fro attaching any document with individual address number object, clicking which open another page i.e. Media Object Viewer. Now when i click on the attachment associated with any address number on the Address Book Revisions page, the Media Object Viewer page opens. But here comes the problem. I can see only the "Close" buton on the menu, nothing else like Add, Find etc.

      Now i try the same in a different way. On the Address Book Revisions page i select an address number row and click on Attachment from Row. Here also the Media Object Viewer page opens with all the menu items like Save, cancel, Text etc.

      The same thing don't come when i click on the small attachment icon just beside the address number.

      Anyone has any idea how to resolve this problem??

      Thanks in advance.
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Hmm, what version of JD Edwards are you running? I am thinking that maybe you are running JDE Enterprise One. If so, there is a separate forum for JDE Enterprise One (you have to scroll further down the forum list to find that forum). You posted this in the JDE World forum. World and Enterprise One are technically very different products (though the basic functionality is the same). JDE World runs on the IBM AS/400 computer and uses IBM Client/Access to do interactive sessions on the AS/400. JDE World does not use IE to access it (unless running some 3rd party product). But it is possible that you could be on the very newest version of World, which I have not seen. So let us know what version you are running. If Enterprise One, do repost this on that forum. Hope this helps.

          John Dickey

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