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    P3 Project Manager Crashing with EBDClient error, when refreshing (F5)

      My company has 3 sql databases for Prima on a server; 2 are approximately 1.5GB, and the third is just over 2GB

      We have 5 client machines (xp sp3 32bit), that use the following setup:

      P3 Project Manager version 5 (no service packs installed, but have tried sp1-3 on my machine with the same error)
      oracle client 9.2 with tnsnames pointing to the sql server with the prima databases
      each machine has 2GB memory with a 3-4GB pagefile

      I do not have issues refreshing the other smaller databases.
      both the client and server do not take a significant hit on resources while refreshing.
      both the server and client are not reporting any errors under event viewer.

      they all receive the following error when refreshing (F5) while logged in the third and largest database:

      Message (Tab)
      Application exception
      type: EDBClient
      Event code: IMFTO-3501-8
      Description: Insufficient memory for this operation

      Context (tab)
      app title: primavera project management
      exe: pm.exe
      object: tmainmenu
           1. tfrmmain.refreshVDBengine
           2. tfrmmain.actrefreshExecute
           3. tfrmmain.actProjectActivitiesExecute
           4. tfrmmain.actProjectsExecute
           5. tfrmmain.actProjectsActivitiesExecute
           6. tfrmmain.actProjectWBSExecute
           7. tfrmmain.actProjectActivitiesExecute

      Evironment (tab)

      ORI: ORI Win32 #
      ORI/DB: PMDB,0500.0024.0001.0002
      IMG: IMG win32 #1000

      SYS INFO
      username: "user's name" Hostname: "their computer name"
      OS version:     winNT 5.1, build 2600, SP3