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    12.1.1 PO Output for Communication errors all POs created after upgrade

      Hi All -

      We are in the middle of upgrade testing and have encountered a critical issue with "PO Output for Communication (POXPOPDF)." All POs created after the upgrade are completing with error. We are able to generate pdf output for POs generated in before the upgrade. This error is occurring even with seeded "PO_STANDARD_XSLFO.xsl" template as well.

      The log file has the following message towards the end.

      getArchiveOn(): APPROVE
      getArchiveOn()=APPROVE m_viewOrCommunicate=Communicate
      getArchiveOn(): APPROVE
      After calling genDocThu Jan 28 12:51:47 EST 2010
      Adding the blob to vector
      rolling back the complete program

      PO is getting archived properly, so it is definitely an issue with document generation. We have had a SR logged for over three weeks, but there has been not much progress on this. Support has logged a new bug for this. We are unable to view bug transcript, so I am not certain as who is working this bug.

      Any help or pointers will be much appreciated.