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    Sharing mappings for single dimensions between locations

      Dear all,

      In our application we want to load data into essbase as well as into HFM, so we are using the two different adaptors. We though about using on the one hand locations with the essbase adaptor and on the other hand locations with the HFM adaptor.
      The account mapping table is the same regardless of loading into HFM or Essbase. The problem now is, that once a mapping in the account dimension is changed in an essbase location, it should also be automatically changed for the corresponding HFM location. The solution seems to be the creation of a location with a third adaptor that contains the HFM dimensions (until UD4) as well as the additional dimensions (UD5 - ...) for Essbase. This location is then the parent location for the HFM as well as for the Essbase locations. However, according to my understanding, this third adaptor can only be connected with one system (lets say Essbase). This means that once a mapping tabel for the HFM-UD3 is updated, it will result in an error, as FDQM can not find the corresponding UD3 member in Essbase.

      1. Is there a solution for this problem, so that for some dimensions the mapping table refers to essbase metadata while for others the mapping table refers to HFM metadata?
      2. Does anyone has a proposal for an approach to share the mapping tables of certain dimensions between different locations with different adaptors?

      Any comments are very much appreciated.

      Thanks a lot in advance,

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          Matthias Heilos
          Hi Chris,

          You put some good thoughts in here. Have you tried to use a parent location with the 3rd adapter yet? Depending on whether the adapter of the parent or the child location has priority this might work or not. Give it a try, might be a great reference for the rest of us, so thanks for sharing your results.

          The only other solution I see would be to add some scripting to sync the dimensions that you need.