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    UPK takes too much time "Loading Library"

      Hi All, I installed the UPK Developer version 3.5.1 together with the Service Pack 3, as soon as the installation is finished:

      1) Execute the UPK Developer application
      2) Immediately appear a window, showing that UPK is "Loading the Library"
      3) Most of the times takes too much and nothing happens, I have to kill the process.
      4) Few times (I don´t know why) it stops and
      4a) Let me to navigate in the menu, but most of the options are not available, I mean
      I can not make a New Folder, Topic, etc, I can not Open, I can not See Options, etc

      And I can not execute anything.

      Does any body could help me?

      During the process the only few things I was asked for were: Language, Type (I need SINGLE USER) and Windows Group, nothing related to Library configuration or something like that, any clue?

      BR //