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    Using ODLHandlerFactory in  weblogic

      I am working on a migration project from oc4j to Weblogic. In oc4j , we are using oracle.core.ojdl.logging.ODLHandlerFactory as log handler and the entry in j2ee-logging.xml looks like this.

      <log_handler name='oc4j-handler' class='oracle.core.ojdl.logging.ODLHandlerFactory'>
      <property name='path' value='/d1/user4/R12/inst/apps/rws65l04_rws60005atg/logs/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oacore/%OPMN_PROC_TYPE%_%OPMN_PROC_SET%_%OPMN_PROC_INDEX%'/>
      <property name='maxFileSize' value='10485760'/>
      <property name='maxLogSize' value='104857600'/>
      <property name='encoding' value='UTF-8'/>

      <logger name='oracle' level='NOTIFICATION:1' useParentHandlers='false'>
      <handler name='oc4j-handler'/>

      Can you please me know if there is any way to use ODLHandlerFactory with weblogic.