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    Validation Configuration

      Is there a way to configure Form validations in bulk, instead of configuring one at a time? Thanks.

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          Hi Shikhar,

          when you say "define in bulk" do you mean define multiple item validations at once? In this case the answer is no.

          If you refer to validations on form level instead of item level, then the answer is yes. Form Validations run after all item validations and can be of type PL/SQL where you can check whatever you need.


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            is this what you are looking for.......

            Home>Application Builder>Application 257>Page 1>Create Validation

            in page definition in the middle section "Page Processing" click on + icon next to Validations

            then click on link at bottom

            Create Multiple, not null validations
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              hi binepal,

              i didn't find any link at bottom. (Create Multiple, not null validations)

              how can i do this??

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                I think "multiple not null validations" were available in apex 3.2 , don't remember seeing it in apex 4.0.

                <li>If you are on Apex 4.0, you don't need to create not null validations separately for items, you can set that at the item level itself.
                Go to Item Properties -> Settings section -> Value Required. This would automatically cause a validation to be performed on that item.

                Else you can create a page validation and use an SQL expression like
                     :ITEM2 IS NOT NULL
                 OR :ITEM2 IS NOT NULL
                 OR :ITEM3 IS NOT NULL