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    Alerts in case of Auto restart of weblogic server

      Hi All,

      Is there any configuration available in Weblogic Server to automatically send out alerts in case of auto-restarts (done by node manager in case of a clustered env). We do have some third party tool that sends out alerts in case it finds the weblogic server to be in offline mode. For that, the tool periodically pings the server to find out if its in the offline mode or not. But for auto-restart, if the server goes up and running in the interval between the 2 pings, our tool does nt have any way to find out if the server was restarted.

      So coming back to my question, is there any monitoring capability in Weblogic Server to send out alerts in case of auto restart...


      Just came to know probably the support team is using Empirix Bean Test. Anyone having some valuable insights on that? or maybe even a link for the documentation of Empirix Bean Test?

      Thanks All

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