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    Subversion in JDeveloper - Problem/ Bug in Incoming Changes Tab

      There seems to be a bug in JDeveloper for the Subversion Incoming Changes Tab. Nothing gets displayed in my Incoming Changes Tab in the Pending Changes window even if another developer committed new changes in our repository.

      I tried to press the refresh button in the Incoming Changes tab to poll the repository for new changes, but nothing happened.

      I also tried to change the Incoming Changes Timer Interval (Tools -> Preferences -> Versioning -> Subversion -> Version Tools) from the default 15 minutes to 1 minute and waited to see if the new changes will get displayed in the Incoming Changes Tab, but again, nothing gets displayed. In JDeveloper, it was working fine... all new commits in the repository gets displayed in the Incoming Changes Tab and we could select the new changes that we want to take effect (update) in our local copies.

      It is important in our project to control and choose the new changes in the repository that we would like to take effect on our local copies so we could narrow down the source of problems when merging/ updating.

      Can somebody confirm and address this problem? Thanks.

      Warm regards,