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    No ICMP support for SIP over UDP?

      Hi i just did some tests where my SIP client was not there and an UDP-INVITE request sent from the OCCAS container resulted in an ICMP response (Type: 3 Destination unreaechable, Code 3: Port unreachable). OCCAS seems to ignore that error and continues retransmitting INVITE requests.
      According to the SIP Spec Transaction Layer Errors
      In some cases, the response returned by the transaction layer will not be a SIP message, but rather a transaction layer error. When a timeout error is received from the transaction layer, it MUST betreated as if a 408 (Request Timeout) status code has been received. If a fatal transport error is reported by the transport layer generally, due to fatal ICMP errors in UDP or connection failures in TCP), the condition MUST be treated as a 503 (Service Unavailable) status code.

      It seems OCCAS does not provide teh correct behaviour.
      So the question is whether ICMP is supported by OCCAS or whether tehre is a way to turn this on?