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      • 15. Re: SQL Developer 2.1 hanging after inactivity
        Oracle Sql Developer is becoming blocked ( hanging ) after a few minutes of inactivity.

        My current version of the SQL Developer is

        No dumps to share right now, maybe tomorrow at work I'll manage some.

        There must be some bug related to the connection management code, most likely an incorrect line of code when handling connection timeouts due to inactivity or some such condition.
        The program becomes locked in a cycle where any action performed pops-out a message stating "connection is busy", and nothing more can be done but click ok.
        Clickiing on the connection and ordering disconnect doesn't help at all.

        Maybe a quick fix to this bug could be allowing the user to do more than just click OK when the connectiion is buse message pops-out, to enable to do some "forcefully kill the connection".
        Current life cycle of a connection object does not seem to accept a stop transition if the object is in "busy" state.

        To be on the safe side, one has disconnect any runing connections before changing from sql developer to another window, or risk leaving the online connections inactive for too long.
        • 16. Re: SQL Developer 2.1 hanging after inactivity
          You can try the Sql Developer 3.0 EA1. We have fixed a number of issues relating to hang/responsiveness.

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