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    Receiving Transaction TRANSFER???

      Couldn't find any documentation on MetaLink about TRANSFER. Have a user who thought he was performing an inspection transaction. It has come up as TRANSFER. Can't deliver it to inventory. Can't correct it. Seem to be in a loop. I am sure it is something obvious but not to me. Thanks in advance
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          You mean to say you are unable to deliver the transaction to the inventory, is there any error which got stuck against this item in rcv_transactions_interface?

          You enter all transfer and delivery transactions in the Receiving Transactions window. If you want to perform an inspection transaction, you can open the Inspections window to specify accepted
          and rejected quantities

          More details will help to answer

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            Nothing in the Receiving Status Summary
            The user was attempting to perform an inspection transaction.
            Not quite sure what happen but somehow it became a transfer?
            Now they have tried two other times to inpact but it always shows as a transfer.
            Unable to correct...inspect or deliver.
            Never saw a transfer while under 11.5.9
            Upgraded to 12.0.6 five months ago and this isn't the first time.
            We are befuddled by TRANSFER