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    Regarding "Dropping call state without timer" error


      I am using WLSS-3.1-MP1 on Solaris 10 in a clustered environment.

      I see following error in engine tier console log.

      *[1259525001295] [CallState] : Dropping call state without timer: bf362547ac750c10fdaa1fb7c3c31adc@*

      First and last string varies with each error.

      Any idea what this error is for ? Didn't find anything in documentation about this.

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          Did you observe
          -- any communication issues between engine and data tier?
          -- Did any engine got shutdown ?

          Usually incase where in replica finds engine is not communicating well and/or is un-responsive for long time, it unlocks the callstates (essentially sessions) associated with the engine so that some other engine can work on that call. During that time the callstate is marked stale and most of time you see that error when other engine picks up the call.

          Your scenario might be different. What else you see in logs around this message .,
          Anurag Bahl
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            Thanks for your reply, Anurag !!

            There isn't any known communication issue between engine and data tiers.
            None of the Engine Tier JVMs was shut down.

            If I want to look further into the possibility of "Engine tier un-responsive for long time", would you please give any details as whats considered as long time etc..

            In console log, I don't see anything else around this message, thats related to the error.
            A quick search in engine's server log files also didn't give any info.

            Also, can I safely assume that this error won't cause any trouble if another engine tier instance picks up the call ?

            Thanks again,

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