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    Store input color value to string column


      I have a table with a column for color labels that stores string type value. The purpose of this column is to color code (label/highlight) certain rows with the data it holds, currently it stores string literals like "RED", "BLUE", etc.

      I'm trying to use the af inputColor component of adf components, so far, i converted the default inputText label that the af table gives me and converted it to the inputcolor component. I've also set the property simple to true.

      At runtime when i submit the color i picked it doesn't throw me an error, just that the component color surrounds with red (like what you get during an error) then it reverts the value to null.

      I tried searching the forums and i guess the color picker is not much of a topic, just need some guide on how to convert it to string for storing in db so that i can reuse the value later.