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    Install 3.0 errors - Configure AMP

      We are on Oracle Enterprise Grid Control - and wanted to apply AMP 3.1 - I tried to apply AMP 3.1 directly (We did not have an existing AMP). But this errored.

      File /apps_base/OMS10gGC/oms10g/sysman/admin/emdrep/ebs/jobTypes/amp/cln/ebs_oam_configure_targetDB.xml parsed successfully
      Unexpected error: ORA-20400: ERROR: The job type ebs_oam_configure_targetDB references the following invalid command(s): getUtlFileDir
      +(Note that command, jobtype and function names are case-sensitive)+
      ORA-06512: at line 497
      ERROR: Stderr : <NULL>
      ERROR: The native command execution failed.
      INFO : ==================================================>>>>>
      ERROR: Stderr : <NULL>
      ERROR: The native command execution failed.
      INFO : ==================================================>>>>>
      Configure Clone process completed with error(s).
      End time : Wed Feb 3 16:37:44 2010
      Configure AMP process completed with error(s).

      So I tried to uninstall 3.1 and then start from 3.0 base release (thinking that installaing 3.0 first + 3.1 upgrade would help) . But still errors at "Configure AMP" phase, though the actual error is different from the above.

      Command = /apps_base/OMS10gGC/oms10g/jdk/bin/java has failed
      Execution Error : Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 6
      at oracle.apps.oms_extn.util.EBSOUIUtil.runOUIAction(EBSOUIUtil.java:132)
      at oracle.apps.oms_extn.util.EBSOUIUtil.main(EBSOUIUtil.java:47)

      This is on Linux x86. Have you guys faced a similar problem ? I also tried to uninstall the "Grid Control Plugin for Oracle Applications" and retry the 3.0 AMP install. But still same problem.

      I did not get any suitable METALINK/Oracle Support links.