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      Hi Gurus,

      Is it possible to automate the process taking backup of FDM applications and importing it to other environment?

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          Varun Kaushal
          Though i Haven't tried but it possible using windows batch file.

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            Thanks Nick. Is there any command to take an export/import of an application? Is there any document for this?

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              There is no way to automate the backup from one environment to another of FDM Applications. There is also no supported way of taking one application from "Dev" to update an existing "Prod" application. There are several Metalink articles written to state this as well.

              If you want to take an application from "Dev" to "Prod" the only way to do it is have a maintenance window where you can have it happen at a Database level. You will then need to also copy the FDM Folder Structure as well that way you will have the history/audit and the archives to support drillback and other features.

              Thank you,
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                You can absolutely migrate from Dev to Prod without using a database level copy. The caveat is that the migration utility included in FDM does NOT migrate data.

                If you are just trying to migrate metadata, the XML export & import option will accomplish the migration.

                While out of the box the migration is not automated, you could potentially script this usign the FDM API.