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    Customer Supervision Manager

      Has anyone written their own custom Supervision Manager?

      We've done plenty of work making our own IM to make calls, change stats and stuff but am not sure which API calls to use to grab stats data like calls in queue and such....any ideas?

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          I figured this out it is the Datacente web service type 15,16.
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            Can you offer more information on writing your own customer SM & IM? We've done a lot of other custom work to the CCA but it was all back-end. Where should our programmers start?
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              Getting started is the hardest part.

              After you get through the basics then it is just a matter of finding the right API calls.

              To begin, take a look at the basic web services on your web server.

              First begin to get familiar with the API. To do this open the documentation found here:

              http://[the URL for your CCA server]/cca/doc/cca-api/

              (Check case for CCA, depending who installed your system it may be upper case or lower case but you should know that part)

              Scroll down in the left panel to the items that start with a slash /

              These are the web services that you can work with right away.

              Click on /Agent

              You will see that they include things like change status, hang up, log out, mute etc.

              The key to getting going is that you need to do a few things to keep the session alive, you will need to loop and ask for updates (messageprovider) every few seconds so that the session does not terminate.

              After you get past that then you are moving.

              What development environment will you be using?

              What do you want to accomplish?
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                Thanks for your response, I forwarded it to my programmer for his review.
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                  Iam new here and i am creating php application that will interact with CCA and i genereated php class from the wsdl web services now i want to know how to make a login using php and what are the values need to be passed .. thanks
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                    Opening a Session, Call the open(String, String, String, String) method.

                    The client application supplies:

                    company alias.

                    Those credentials are validated, a session object is created on the web server and an activity timer is started.