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    P3 vs P6?

      I have been googling this question but I got no real results. I am a civil engineer who wishes to learn Primavera. I have got two books, one about P3 and another one about P6. In one forum I read that it would be better to begin learning from P3 first, even though I am going to use P6, he didnt explain why. Is it true? Any comment on the pros and cons of each? What about their similarities and differences? Which one is easier? Thanks in advance for your answers.
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          I learnt P3 before P6. In my opinion, you do not really need to learn P3 before learning P6. P6 is way more advanced and capable than P3. You can study both of them simultaneously if you wish.
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            In reality P3 came first and was the forerunner to P4, 5, & 6. P3 had its day and is a very useful tool but the writing is already on the wall......P6 is here to stay & P3 is a dying tool.

            P6 is basically a different animal compared to P3 but has some similarities. P6 is more of a database driven tool that is built to be more adaptable to a user's needs. Either of the softwares are perfect (always a work in progress) but each has its advantages.

            My advice is to forgo learning P3 and stick with the future of scheduling software (P6).  The list of issues associated with transitioning a schedule from P3 to P6 is a long one and you would be better served just to start fresh with P6.

            Just my two cents learned from years using these programs.
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              I agree that you will benefit most from starting directly with P6. I do not believe it is even possible to purchase P3 licenses from Oracle. Because of this I suspect the remaining groups still utilizing P3 will be forced to transition shortly.