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    Installing OCCAS 4.0 on Mac for development

      I'm having a SIP/HTTP servlet application I like to deploy on an OCCAS. My development environment is a Mac running OS X. I have not yet been able to install the OCCAS on my mac.

      First I did the trick described on [Installing OCCAS 4.0 on Mac OS X|http://blogs.oracle.com/communications/2008/09/installing_occas_40_on_mac_os.html] but when the installation passed the jre selection I got a problem with the installer complaining about "Insufficient disk space ... There is only 342MB available at /."

      My MacBook has 250G

      Running df:
      Filesystem 512-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
      /dev/disk0s2 487725344 146012048 341201296 30% /

      Doing some calculations you can easily find out there is 162GB free! Is that not enough for OCCAS?