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    Fusion Middleware Cluster Question

      I have a Cisco Loadbalancer ACE. I have 4 http servers (2 of them front end 2 SOA App servers and 2 others front end 2 J2EE App servers). I have 3 domains soa.iw.com, app.iw.com and admin.iw.com. The LBR is setup as follows:

      Requests to https://soa.iw.com (port 443) is routed to soa1.iw.com:7777 or soa2.iw.com:7777
      Requests to https://app.iw.com (port 443) is routed to j2ee1.iw.com:7777 or j2ee2.iw.com:7777
      Requests to http://admin.iw.com:7777 (internal access) is routed to soa1.iw.com:7777, soa2.iw.com:7777, j2ee1.iw.com:7777 or j2ee2.iw.com:7777.

      I have BPEL, ESB clustered on the SOA servers as per Enterprise Deployment Guide and I have a lot of ADF applications running on the 2 J2EE servers. I am using the http://admin.iw.com:7777 to administer all my OC4J instances for all the admin tasks. My questions are:

      1. Is this a valid architecture?
      2. When a request like http://admin.iw.com:7777/BPELConsole comes in and if the LBR sends the request to one of the OHS in front of the j2ee server, will it direct it to the correct SOA app server? I am seeing "Internal Server Errors" and see info on j2ee server logs while the request should not even go to the j2ee app servers.
      3. The EDG assumes all the app server components are identical on all the servers that are load balanced. Since in my scenario, I have them different, I am trying to find out if anyone has done it this way and what steps did they follow additionally from the EDG?

      Any help is appreciated.
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          Not sure why you are using http://admin.iw.com:7777

          Why dont you simply access BPELConsole as https://soa.iw.com/BPELConsole?

          In case if you want http://admin.iw.com:7777 to redirect request to correct webserver in case if its a SOA specific request, you ll need to configure your LBR accordingly. May be the Load Balancer consultant can assist you with the configurations.

          I believe this is not how the architecture should be.... I dont see any point using http://admin.iw.com:7777

          I have configured 20 node J2EE cluster and SOA in HA ... but have kept these clusters separate from each other.