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    Where is everything?

      I just installed all three HCM 9.1 templates(DB, App/bathc, PIA). Is there documentation describing in more detail how the directories are laid out?
      For example: I was looking for the psreports directory and according to PeopleTools 8.50 documentation, it should be under the users $HOME directory, but I found it under /tmp?
      Also, Im having issues with my reports posting to the report repository, so I was going to look at the appserver logs to see if there was any more information, but they don't seem to be where I expected them to be either? Still looking for those...

      Basically, i was hoping there would be a post installation user's guide explaining additional things you might need to set up (like report nodes) and where certain important directories are without having to fish around for them.

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          Section 2.4 of the install guide speaks a little about where things are located. Where is everything? I think that there is also a little blurb in the READMEs that come with the templates.
          The install guide suggests taking a look at the additional documentation mentioned in the preface
          Regarding the report repository, integrations etc. those all need to be setup by the user after the vm has been instantiated. This is because the PIA and AppBatch templates are separate and therefore report nodes etc aren't already present. You can think of this as a base installation of PeopleSOft HCM that needs to be configured.

          The AppServer domains are located in Config Home (PS_CFG_HOME) This is location into which domains etc are placed. You may find this unfamiliar if you haven't used PeopleTools 8.50 before because this is a new feature. Long story short, domains no longer live within PS_HOME. They now live in the Config Home which is in this case /home/psadm2/ps/pt/8.50. The existing AppServer domain in the template is located at /home/psadm2/ps/pt/8.50/appserv/APPDOM and the LOGS directory is within the domain directory as in previous releases.

          This template really was a first splash for PeopleSoft HCM. Now that there such interest in the template we're looking at it to enhance it such that these types of things are configured out of the box. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time with it.
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            Regarding the posting issue, that remind me a discussion we have had over here few time back :
            Batch processes does not post
            Currently, PSOVM is not a full and working "+keys in hands solution+", you should do some stuff on your own.
            I tried to address these points on my blog.

            The report repository is defined in the configuration.properties file of the webserver, AFAIK, there is no so called default directory.

            For the configuration file path directory, as already explained by Mark earlier, it is more PT8.50 specific than template issue within the parameter PS_CFG_HOME.