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    How can ftp-adapter override the name rules

      I have a ftp adaptor, which generate filenames with the following rule NA<%time%>.txt, but I would rather have it be stamped with a more meaninful filename ex NA<accountnumber>.txt.

      I am new to Interconnect, IStudio and ftp adaptors...so I have no experience in this. I

      I have done some research, and I realise that I might have to overwrite the The FileSenderCustomizer Interface more specifically the generateFilename method.

      The question is really, where and how do I do this?


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          An example of a ftp-adapter that will generate a filename based on a value in the file. The file contains CustomerListRecord which again contains multiple Records of Customers, which then contains the actual values.

          import java.util.Date;
          import java.util.ListIterator;
          import java.util.Vector;

          import oracle.oai.agent.adapter.sdk.Agent;
          import oracle.oai.agent.adapter.sdk.AttributeObject;
          import oracle.oai.agent.adapter.sdk.MessageObject;
          import oracle.oai.agent.adapter.transport.TransportMessage;

          public class SlfNaskCustFileSender {

               private final static String objectName = "SLFCustFileSenderStripped";
               private final String fileNameExtension = ".c15";
               private final String keyMasterRecord = "CustomerListRecord";
               private final String keyRecords = "Records";
               private final String keyRecordField = "apar_id";

               public static void main(String args[]) {
                    System.out.println("Its alive: " + objectName);

               public String generateFileName(Agent agent, String rule, String app, String partitition, Date time,
                         MessageObject mobj, AttributeObject aobj) {

                    // Default filename. Add random element just in case.
                    String fileName = "NAC" + (Math.random() * 100) + fileNameExtension;

                    // Picking up the buntnumber.
                    AttributeObject aoCustListRecords = (AttributeObject) mobj.get(keyMasterRecord);
                    Object o = aoCustListRecords.get(keyRecords);
                    if (o instanceof Vector) {
                         Vector v = (Vector) o;
                         ListIterator iter = v.listIterator();
                         while (iter.hasNext()) {
                              Object x = iter.next();
                              if (x instanceof AttributeObject) {
                                   AttributeObject aoX = (AttributeObject) x;
                                   fileName = aoX.get(keyRecordField) + fileNameExtension;

                    return fileName;

               public void customizeTransportMessage(Agent agent, TransportMessage transportMessage, MessageObject mobj,
                         AttributeObject aobj) {