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    File Upload size limit?


      There seems to be a file size limit on files that can be uploaded through APEX applications. I get "Cannot access webpage. Please contact your system administrator" errors when I try to upload files that are big (for example, one is 80MB).

      Is there a way to increase the size limit so larger files can be uploaded?

      Thanks much,
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          Hi Nora,
          as far as i know, there isn't such limit, what you see is the result of the http transfer timeout i guess (300 seconds by default if i am not wrong), which in turn depends on the available bandwidth.
          With a faster connection you might be able to load bigger files perhaps.
          At any rate the maximum file size would be 4Gb, that's the limit for BLOB objects.

          I believe you could change the timeout value, but it depends on the http server technology, not really Apex.
          What are you using Oracle HTTP server (apache), EPG, Apex Listener?
          Are you the database administrator?


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            Thanks for the reply..
            I understand what you mean.

            Yes, I'm using Apache. I'm testing the upload on my machine to see if it behaves differently.

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              Was timeout your problem? Were you able to solve the problem? I am facing the same message, although I am using XDB.

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                Hi Tamas,

                The problem was being caused by our filename having parenthesis in it..

                For example, the filename was something like: Report_for_htmldb_(3).doc

                I renamed the file and took out the parenthesis, then the file uploaded without an issue.

                Do you have any special characters in your filename that could be causing the issue?