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    Unable to invoke BPEL process from Ebusiness Suite Business Event

      Hi All,

      I am having a real problem with a composite which I am trying to fire from a business event in Oracle Applications, any help would be really appreciated.

      I suspect this maybe down to a server configuration issue as Weblogic (11g) has only had a basic install completed by a none DBA trained colleague who has never used weblogic before.

      Here is my scenario:

      I have a BPEL process that receives an incomming message and writes that message to file using the file adapter. The inbound service interface is an Oracle Applications Adapter that has been configured to "dequeue" a message from the WF_BPEL_Q AQ in Oracle Applications. The business event is the "Create Employee" event.

      I have followed the 11g SOA gateway developer guide example and subscribed to the business event via the Oracle Apps Integration Repository subscribtion functionality and I have ensured that the business event is enabled. By default the subscription is set as defered.

      I have successfully created an employee and the business event has fired and after a minute or so the message is enqueued to the WF_BPEL_Q within the APPS schema.

      Problem: despite the composite compiling and deploying successfully to my SOA server the BPEL process does not get invoked and the message does not get de-queued from the WF_BPEL_Q.

      I am happy that the BPEL process is configured correctly and I have checked the JNDI reference to the apps Data Source configured on the Weblogic server is correct on the inbound partner link.

      My understanding of the process is that the Apps Adapter is not just a fancy service interface bean within the JDeveloper IDE, on the server there is a corresponding component that polls the WF_BPEL_Q and dequeues the relevant messages and invokes the services that are registered on the server that subscribe to that particular buisiness event.

      What I need to know is:

      1. What is a typical configuration for the ApplicationsAdapter on the Weblogic server, i.e. what should I be looking for and checking i.e. connections to my Apps instance/listners/adapter settings etc...

      2. How do I run diagnostics/debug the process to find the problem i.e. where are log files located etc....

      Any help on this would be much appreciated, also if you are more of a BPEL process implementer and have experience with business event invokation of services then please feel free to make suggestions ask questions about my configuration, I am new to Business Events, BPEL and Weblogic so I have got my work cut out!!!!

      I will post this question on a few of the SOA forums

      Thanks in advance

      Keith Turley