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    what is Customer data hub

      Hi Experts,

      I am pretty much confused about CDH. Some says that it is a repository which store the cusotmer data from disparate system and some says that is it a concept which is implemented from applications like TCA , OCO .
      What is this CDH exactly is all about.

      Do i need to implement it from scrath or is it avialable as software product released by Oracle.
      I have one project which they are adding D & B numbers for the enrichment of data. I dont know why they are doing this as all functionalities are already available in CDH.

      What is the need to have a two way sync between ERP and CDH( Moving data from ERP to CDH and from CDH to ERP ) as from ERP we will create all records and not from CDH then why we need have from CDH to ERP.
      Can anyone please give me an example.

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          can anyone please reply
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            CDH is a customer repository, you can for instance store a Company, with it's address and contact information (sites & locations) then have contacts with a relationship to the company i.e. employee of etc. It also stores classification information such as industry sector. How I see it is an extension of Accounts Payable / Receivable, they have taken the customer information that you would have stored there and basically separated it into it's own master data store and expanded it. It can integrate with all your Oracle Financials modules.

            CDH can then be integrated with other systems so that it is the master source for party data. If you use SOA then it can publish - based on events such as an update or create - the changes across the ESB to the sub systems which then take the data and handle according to their requirements.

            We publish data from CDH to 6 subsystems using web services. First pass is on the Oracle ESB, we have a publishing rule that requires at least a minimum amount of data before sending a message on the ESB. CDH maintains a master mapping table of the unique id for each subsystem that is linked to a counterparty. We expose API's from the TCA so that when a request is submitted to load a new party, the data from the webform is automatically populated into CDH and then the data capturer adds the rest. Throughout our workflow process, we use the CDH API's to update the status and information of the parties in CDH.

            It also has advanced data management features like finding duplicates and merging them, batch import, find similar etc. and can be integrated directly with D&B if the web service is available in your country. We are using version 12.
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