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    External library from Database 11g.


      I remember that one of the threads someone from CEP team, wrote that next version
      of CEP will support data mining and In that case I don't want to stop my research here
      since I know the results of my tests.

      Suppose that we are talking about the PROXY server for SQL queries, which analyzes SQL
      queries in "some" way. Since SQL statements can be very complicated (nested queries,
      weard DM constructions like MODEL), I need parser dedicated to the 11g database.
      I need acomodate this library inside CEP application. ;)

      In fact, every SQL query passes 2 stages of validation. First tests syntax, second
      existence of objects. I need only first stage within CEP without connectiong to DB.

      So is it possible to attach some DLL or something from DB to the project and use it in java
      application ?

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          I think you really want to ask someone on the database side of the house to see whether there is a parser that can be invoked outside of the database. If there is such a thing, I suspect it would be native code.

          Section 3.9 in the OSGi 4.2 core specification covers loading native code libraries.