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    Item Costing


      we have a broblem where by all the stationery remain uncosted material,all the Assets works fine,we using average costing, am not sure who did the set up and there is no documentation but we need a fix urgently

      thanks in advance
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          Kamal Shah
          could you please detail it more, like what template was used to create stationary item?
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            they created own template for these items
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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              Is the costed flag set to yes for those items?
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                Attribute Name     Controlled At     Value     Enabled
                User Item Type     Master     Inventory Type     *
                Item Status     Master     Active     *
                Primary Unit of Measur Master     EACH     *
                Conversions     Master     Both standard and item specific *
                Description     Master          
                Tracking UOM Indicator Master     Primary      *
                Inventory Item     Master     Yes      *
                Stockable      Master     Yes     *
                Transactable     Master     Yes     *
                BOM Allowed     Master     Yes     *
                Costing Enabled     Master     Yes     *
                Inventory Asset Value     Master     Yes     *
                Purchased     Master     Yes     *
                Purchasable     Master     Yes     *
                Allow Description UpdateMaster     Yes     *
                Build in WIP     Master     Yes     *
                Customer Ordered     Master     Yes     *
                Customer Orders E     Master     Yes     *
                OE Transactable     Master     Yes     *
                Invoiceable Item     Master     Yes     *
                Invoice Enabled     Master     Yes     *

                these are the attributes they use for the template they created.