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    Version compatibility

      Hi, I have just started working with Jdeveloper and have been tasked with repointing BPEL endpoints from one server to another. I am running into an issue with deploying the BPEL jar files using either the BPEL consule or within the Jdeveloper tool it self.

      This is the error I'm receiving:

      bpel_OrderDetail_1.0.jar failed to deploy.
      Error while loading process. The process domain encountered the following errors while loading the process "OrderDetail" (revision "1.0"): null. If you have installed a patch to the server, please check that the bpelcClasspath domain property includes the patch classes

      My question, is there an incompatibility between the version of jdeveloper I'm suing ( and of the SOA suite ( that could be causing this issue? And if not, does anyone have an idea what I can look at to determine what the iss is? I have been looking at the /apps/oracle/product/ log, but it's not really providing that much information (logging level is set to debug)