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    Average Costing - sub inventory rollup


      I am writing some reports that use average costing.

      The reports need to report average cost @ subinventory level, but also @ inventory level.

      Does Oracle maintain average cost information @ all levels of the hierarchy or do i need to recalculate @ run time for the the master inventory?

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Oracle maintains avg. cost at the org level (not at the subinventory level)

          Hope this helps
          Sandeep Gandhi
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            More clarification on this - you can find this on metalink -

            The five Valuation accounts and the default Expense account are
            defined at the organization level. The valuation accounts apply to
            each subinventory and intransit within the organization. They
            cannot be changed at the subinventory level under layer costing.
            The expense account defaults to each subinventory within the
            organization and can be overridden.

            You can choose a different valuation account for each cost element, or use the same account for several or all elements.

            How you set up your accounts determines the level of elemental
            detail in the General Ledger and on Inventory valuation reports.

            The system maintains the average unit cost at the organization level; it
            does not use any subinventory valuation accounts. If you had separate
            valuation accounts by subinventory, total inventories would balance,
            but account balances by subinventory would not match the inventory
            valuation reports.

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