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    Oracle license for VMWare server

      A vendor is telling me I can not put their Oracle database on a VMWare server because it is only licensed for one CPU. I tried to explain I could set the VMWare session to only use one CPU but they said Oracle will not allow that. They have already proven it runs fine on VMWare but refuse to budge saying it is a dumb Oracle licensing requirement.

      Is this really true? Is it OK to use a product utilizing an Oracle database licensed for a single CPU to run on a VMWare server if I restrict the session to use only one CPU?
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          Yes, this is correct. When using Oracle products in a virtual environment, you must count the amount of CPU-cores within the complete environment and/or cluster. So not only the single CPU which was assigned to your virtual server. The idea behind this calculation is simple: you can not guarantee that your virtual server will not consume more CPU power in the near future. You are able to assign more CPU's on the spot.

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            I would like to know if there has been any movement of Oracle's refusal to recognise the VMWares new "hard partitioning" capabilities for enforcing their CPU/cores licensing model.

            I am currently being told that I have to license all cores in the VMware resource pool?