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    No [ups] range name found in file!

    Iwan Toma
      Hi all,

      When i was importing source data to fdm, i encounter this error.

      Error: An error occurred importing the file.
      Detail: No [ups] range name found in file!

      Usually, i never encounter this error.
      Can someone explain what it means?

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          make sure your source file header following FDM standatrd format.

          make sure import format conditions are applying to your source file. your source file data have some out range values to your import format condition.

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            Iwan Toma
            All my import formats is the same as my source file.

            When i move my source to txt file, it works perfectly.
            But when i'm using excel, i encounter that error...

            I try using name in excel with prefix ups and it returned another error like this...
            "Detail: GL Account is a required field!"

            This is the log...
            Processing Excel File Start... [2010-03-04-10:48:20]

            Processing [UpCheck Function] Start... [2010-03-04-10:48:20]
                 [UpCheck Function] Does not exist!

            Begin SQL Insert Load Process (1): [2010-03-04-10:48:20]
            Processing Complete... [2010-03-04-10:48:20]

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              FDM imports excel files by using a named range that begins with "UPS" (which stands for Upstream)

              The first cell in the named range is the table into which data will be imported. The next rows is the fields of the table and row 3-n are the data records.

              I would strongly discourage you from importing data directly from excel unless you are using the journal functionality of FDM. FDM's workflow process optimizes the data import process using a temp table. If you were to write data directly to the table, you would be bypassing this key application functionality.
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                Iwan Toma
                Hi Tony.

                Thanks for your explanation.
                So, for best practice, it's better not to load from Excel directly unless i'm using its Journal and Trial Balance function right?

                Case closed.