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    DB2 to Oracle Migration

      Can someone from sql dev help us in migrating a database from db/2 to Oracle

      Migrate IBM DB2 v9.5,9.7 database to Oracle 11gR2
      Oracle Version: 11g R2
      Oracle SQL Developer Version: Build MAIN-63.73

      Procedure we're trying to implement following SQL Developer Guide and IBM DB2 Migration Supplement
      1. Using Oracle SQL Developer, We go to Tools->Migration->Third Party Database Offline Capture->Create Database Capture Scripts.
      Results: 4 files (db2v9.ocp, getForeignKeys.sh, getProcedures.sh, startDump.sh)
      2. Copy the files to DB2 server and run startDump.sh on database with user and password.
                ./startDump.sh DS2 db2inst1 password
                Clearing older data files
                Connecting to DS2 as db2inst1

                Database Connection Information

                Database server = DB2/LINUXX8664 9.5.0
                SQL authorization ID = DB2INST1
                Local database alias = DS2

      Output Files: connect.dat, schemas.dat, 1 Folder - (checkContraints.dat, foreignKeys.dat, indexes.dat, primarykeys.dat, routines.dat, synonyms.dat,tables.dat, triggers.dat, views.dat)

      Contents of db2v9.ocp:

      3. At this point we're instructed to run some data export scripts that have not been created, and we cannot locate (i.e. - unload_script.sh). When we try to generate Data Move Scripts in SQL Developer (Tools->Migration->Script Generation->Generate Move Scripts), it will not allow me because there is no Converted Model.

      At this point, None of the scripts described in the documentation exist. We cannot proceed with anything in SQL Developer. If we manually run db2 export commands for data, and manually re-create the tables, indexes, and stored procedures in Oracle and build my own control files for the SQL*Loader, we can import the data into Oracle successfully.

      Is there any way to trace why scripts have not been created? DO we have any trace options in SQL Developer?