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    Customer Coversion Using Interface Table - Error during update

      I need to import customers from legacy applicatiion and is planning to use standard customer interface for that. For testing, I am able to create customers with hardcoded values. But while I try to update the same customer record (again using hard coded values), it gives me error and is not generating the error report as well. I am getting the following error during update:

      racudc: ORA-20212: Enter valid Billing Fields.
      ORA-06512: at "APPS.ADVOAR_CUST
      racudc: Error updating customers.


      racudc: updated 1 partiesracudc: Partyrel 1 parties
      racudc: ORA-20210: You have edited one of the following fields, Extended Billi
      racudc: Error updating customers.

      Also it seems we can not update an address, site_use_code, or PRIMARY_SITE_USE_FLAG using customer interface.

      The following is the test record I inserted for updating the customer I created and ran the customer interface:

      insert into ra_customers_interface
      ,'Pizza Hut - CDH TEST4' --CUSTOMER_NAME
      ,-1 --LAST_UPDATED_BY
      ,sysdate --LAST_UPDATE_DATE
      ,-1 --CREATED_BY
      ,sysdate --CREATION_DATE
      --,'BILL_TO' --SITE_USE_CODE
      ,'1 River Road, Bldg 1' --ADDRESS1
      ,'NY' --STATE
      ,12305 --POSTAL_CODE
      ,'US' --COUNTRY

      I am testing this in 11.5.10 env. Any help on this is appreciated.