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    WLS9,.2 MP3 SLSB Clustering

      we have a WLS 9.2 MP3 domain consisting of 2 clusters, for simplicty one is a web tier cluster and another is an object tier cluster of slsb

      we provide a cluster url (comma separated lists) for the web tier to look up the context on the object tier

      will each slsb method call be round robined across the ejb cluster . what controls this behavior

      I reviewed the weblogic documentation and it sounds like by default there is no server affinity for server to server calls.

      Just wondering how to control this behavior for server to server calls and what is the best practise ?

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          Jay SenSharma MiddlewareMagic
          Hi Yesh,

          By default the Load Balancing algorithm will be "round-robin" means the calls to the Bean will be routed to different cluster members in round robin fashion. But if you want to control it then you can choose "weight-based" or "random-affinity" as well..

          If you want to control the AFFINITY then which creating the initial Context please set the property ENABLE_SERVER_AFFINITY to false/true.

          If the initial context is requested from a the cluster, by default, context requests are load balanced on a round-robin basis among the clustered server instances. To reuse an existing connection between a particular JVM and the cluster, set ENABLE_SERVER_AFFINITY to true in the hashtable of weblogic.jndi.WLContext properties you specify when obtaining context. (If a connection is not available, a new connection is created.) ENABLE_SERVER_AFFINITY is only supported when the context is requested from the cluster address.

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