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    Call Back in CCA 8.1.2

      Anyone use Callback in CCA ?
      We tried to set a Preview campaign with custom Outcomes. at the end of the call the outcome prompt the possibility to schedule a Call back or a Personal Callback.
      Unfortunatly, nothing happens and the Agent never receive the Callback or Personal Callback interaction.

      anyone experienced this ?
      Mauro Merlini
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          Yes, it is an unfortunate bug of functionality in Preview dial.

          You can even see the Predictive log file that the proper SQL is looking for callbacks but the re-queue is never presented back to the agent at the time specified.

          Predictive is working correctly.

          There is an open CR to correct this in Preview under CR 12-1FGWS-12826 and we hear it is scheduled for 8.2 release this spring.
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            Also in Predictive doesn't works :(

            We tested few times, with the same results...

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              The callback time should be enforced correctly in predictive.

              Unfortunately the forum does not have file upload capabilities.

              So I can’t see your predictive logs.

              Have a look for the string "Select top" in you predictive log.

              Then you will see two selects per project (per polling period...every 30 seconds or so)

              The first is for callback by date time (status ID 3 in the "where")

              Then have a look at the contact record in the predictive contacts table.

              Note, the callback time and the select....that should give you enough to track down the issue.

              Check your time zone as well… advise with updates.
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                Thank you rschepis !!!

                I will check asap the log with your tips :)

                Thank you


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                  I checked in the Predictive logs, but no "Select top" is present inside.
                  I found for example after a query:

                  Loading Stats for ProjectId[140] : 3 Calls Contacts List

                  Then after 3 UPDATE LIST ID for the CONTACTS TO CALL, a loading stats with some TST Project info, i found:

                  Loading Stats for ProjectId[140] : 2 CallBacks Contacts List
                  Update ListId[2041] ContactsToCallBacks[1] NumberOfRetries[0]

                  These after also the query where you highlight the "statusid = 3".
                  Same messages for other ProjectId that i created for tests...the system works but didn't execute the callback :(



                  p.s. hope these info are ok !
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                    Really not what I was looking for, be sure your log is set to trace level 5.

                    Stop project...change log file...start project...then you will see the contact 'selects'

                    Note; I see a quick fix that is related to statusID 3 but I dont think it is what you describe...here is teh link

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                      Hi rschepis,
                      yes, the tracelevel is on 5.

                      Thank you for the patch, but we are using 8.1.2 FP2 and so we can't use it.
                      BTW, so the issue is related to the statusID 3, right ?

                      Just to understand better where's located the issue...

                      Thank again for your time ;)


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                        I don't have an 8.1.2 environment here any more so I can't try to replicate the isse.

                        Have you opened an SR with Oracle yet?