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    aers patch

      Patch pauses during start aersupg461to46120drvr.sql

      The patch is prompting me for a value for l_tms_ae_level_llt

      I am unable to find any information on this anywhere.
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          DB portion of the patch asked for all of these values.

          Enter value for l_tms_ae_level_llt:
          Enter value for l_tms_ae_level_pt:
          Enter value for l_tms_ae_level_hlt:
          Enter value for l_tms_ae_level_hlgt:
          Enter value for l_tms_ae_level_soc:
          Enter value for l_tms_prod_level_pref_name:
          Enter value for l_tms_prod_level_syn:
          Enter value for l_tms_prod_level_co_name:
          Enter value for l_tms_prod_level_reg_group:

          Issue was caused by lowercase names for the dictionaries.

          Originally entered meddra and whodrug for dictionary names.

          Running the DB portion of the patch with uppercase dictionary names resolved the issue.