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    Oracle Clinical Hardware Requirements

      I've notice that the Oracle Clinical 4.6 requires Application Tier and Database Tier
      Moreover, there are application server and reports server in Application Tier; and Database Server and PSUB Server in Database Tier.
      Does that mean I need 4 independent OS to operate? or I can combine the server in the same tier if my work load is not heavy?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Hi, was just browsing when i came across your query.
          I do not know much about Oracle Clinical but i do know about Oracle Application Server.

          Oracle Application Server can be installed with Infra Tier and Mid Tier on the same machine, so i think you should not have any problem installing all the 4 components on the same machine if the load is not heavy.

          Hope it helps,
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            I tested following configuration successfully:

            1. win2003 db server running 11g ( (2GB, 40 GB HD)
            2. win2003 app server (10gASR2) (2GB, 15 GB HD)

            OC/RDC 4.6 and TMS 4.6.1 have many new features but it is still not a CTMS system.
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              I am a expert in Oracle clinical installation and have done more than 5 installations of 4.5.1 , 4.5.3 and 4.6 as well.

              No need of 4 servers.

              Only two servers are required for Oracle clinical RDC 4.6

              Database server: 11g database and PSUB service.
              Application server : Application server, Reportserver and RDC onsite server.

              If you are using TMS then you need to have TMS 4.6.1 in a seperate server. Even this can be combined with the your app server.

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