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    Multi Language Support Setup

      Hi Gurus,

      We have currently upgraded from 11i to R12.1.2 and we have decided to USE MLS & NLS(Multi Language Support) for the very 1st time.We have 4 Languages (American,Spanish,French,Portuguese) so when we query for data in tl tables(apterms_tl,ra_terms_tl,fnd_responsibility_tl) we get four records for a single term_id because we are using 4 languages so we need to keep a language join. What I am doing is

      Select * from ap_terms_tl where agent_id = 5 and language = USERENV('LANG'); which returns only one row with US as the language. Here is a sceneario where I am struck I want to see data in a different language like Spanish or french or Portuguese so how can i achieve that. what i am trying to do is


      Select * from ap_terms_tl where agent_id = 5 and language = USERENV('LANG'); i get data in Portuguese. How can we achieve this from user level perspective. like when we register a Canadian USER and he wants to see American and vice -verse.

      here are the profile options for NLS & MLS


      ICX_DATE_FORMAT_MASK ICX: Date format mask

      ICX_DATE_LANGUAGE ICX: Date language

      ICX_LANGUAGE ICX: Language


      ICX_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS ICX: Numeric characters

      ICX_TERRITORY ICX: Territory

      I tried setting up these profile Options but didn't work. I am struck Here(like where to set these profile options to make the MLS work).Let me explain the sceneriao

      Here is what we are trying to achieve When a user from Canada login into Oracle Applications and runs a request set or a concurrent Program he has to see the output in Canadian Language Responsibility this should be done dynamically(changing the Language). You have give me a scenario like changing the preferences and setting the session languages can we dot it dynamically like as soon as the user logs in from Canada his session Language should be set to Canada Language.

      I am just waiting for some help from the gurus.

      Help would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards


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