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    Content DB and UCM Comparison

      My client is looking to implement an imaging and content management solution and can use either Content DB or UCM to accomplish this. I'm looking to weight the difference between both.

      What are the fundamental differences of Content DB and UCM to consider? Does documentation exist to to compare Oracle Content Database vs. Oracle Content Management?

      I appreciate any input/direction you can provide.
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          I would recommend you use Universal Content Management as a repository with Oracle Imaging and Process Management as an imaging solution on the repository. For scanning you can use Oracle Document Capture or Oracle Distributed Document Capture and for automatically extracting information from images use Oracle Forms Recognition. See http://www.oracle.com/newsletters/information-indepth/content-management/feb-10/imaging.html

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            Thank you for the prompt response. I have to ask why that recommendation, given the needed comparison between Content DB and UCM. Does any documentation exist to compare the benefits, functionality, and/or restrictions of both?

            Maybe I'm failing to recognize the difference in imaging/scanning, but what is the benefit of using IPM? Couldn't we simply scan in Capture or Distributed Capture and ingest into UCM?

            BTW, that new Oracle Forms Recognition looks great.