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    Ora-12170 TNS Connect timeout ODBC through MS Access


      I'm having difficuly setting up an odbc connection through MS Access 2003. I can configure and connect through odbc administrator with no errors. However, once I go to ms access and try to create a link table, it bring up the odbc connection..and I get the tns timeout error.

      Any help on this would be appreciated.
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          Jenny -Oracle

          The Ora-12170 is a generic network error that basically mean the host or target machine could not be reached and a timeout occurred.

          Are you using local naming resolution and do you have duplicate tnsnames or sqlnet.ora files on the machine?
          Are you connecting with the same DSN as with the test connection button?
          What version of the ODBC driver and client are being used?

          A SQL NET level 16 trace may be helpful of the failure. That will allow us to see what tnsnames.ora file is being picked up and what host the SQL NET layer is attempting to connect to when the timeout occurs.
          You can review the Network Administrators guide for additional information on how to turn on the trace.