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    Unable to Approve POs that I Created. Errors in 'No Approver found'


      In EBS- HR module, I have created a new user and associated with an employee profile. Created a Job and created approval groups with Maximum amounts for document and all account ranges and assigned to a Job; assigned the job to the employee record. I have not assigned supervisor or Position to the employee record.


      1.     When I create orders, I am not able to approve them. The workflow is erring for ‘No approver found’. If I assign a supervisor to the employee record, the workflow does not error and routes the document to the supervisor. Even when the setup ‘Owner can Approve’ is checked and user has valid approval group assigned, owner is not able to approve own documents. Is there any other setup required for buyers to approve their own documents?

      2.     As I understand, if a Supervisor is assigned in the employee record, then the approval path should be Employee-Supervisor and similarly if a position is assigned to employee record, then the approval path should be Positional hierarchy. Again, this route should be taken only when the buyer is unable to approve the document. Is this correct? Is yes, why is it that the approval workflow is requiring a supervisor even though there is no supervisor assigned to the employee record?

      Is there something that I am missing?

      Any help will be truly appreciated.