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    What issues and what hardware are you using for the templates?

    Greg Kelly-Oracle

      Now that we have had a few months of availability and a number of people have downloaded and installed the templates, I would be interested in finding out:

      - If you had issues downloading the templates, and what sort of issues?
      - How long did it take to get the instance (full stack) up and running?
      - what sort of hardware are you running to host the templates?
      - how many servers and what configuration did you need?
      - are you running from bare metal, or have you hosted the linux environment on another OS?

      Thanks, I appreciate any feedback.


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          1. No Issues downloading all the required components.
          2. Took me about 2 days to get the whole thing up and running.
          3. Running it on a regular workstation, Intel Core2 with 8gb RAM and 300gb 7200rpm drive
          4. Needed 3 VMs to complete the standard install, DB, app/prcs, web
          5. running bare metal on Oracle linux.

          I am just using this OVM setup for testing and fit/gap. Really only 1 user, me. Hoping to see the FIN/SCM 9.1 and Portal 9.1 templates soon so I can get those installed and start working with them.

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            The use of PSOVM was quite simple, pretty clear explained in the doc, excepts the few things I already reported over here.
            The download and installation are going fast (as long as you have a good DSL connection for the Gb to download)...
            It would have been nice if App/Batch server includes more RPMs packages in OEL5.2 by default to avoid to search which ones are missing and load them by ourself e.g. if Cobol are needed (see this thread Compiling COBOLs in PSOVM - psrun.mak error - “cob64: can not execute Id”. - these RPMs are included in PSOVM database server but not in App/Batch server.
            We got a dedicated server hosting Oracle VM Server 2.2.0, on a Dell Server with Intel Xeon CPU E5420 2.5GHz, 16Gb RAM and 1Tb HD (4*500Gb in RAID1 array) linked to a NAS server (4Tb in RAID5).
            So far, it was/is mainly useful to reproduce easily test case on entire Demo env before reporting SR to the support on HCM9.1 we are currently implementing. But it could be easily extended for training (Peoplesoft administrator as well as training env for front end users), testing purpose for different configurations and solutions to implement (Perf. Monitor, replication database with Golden Gate...) and eventually to build, compare and install the coming Maintenance Packs and bundles on HCM9.1.

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              Greg Kelly-Oracle
              Has anyone read this?

              "The Underground Oracle VM Manual"

              "... Besides a history and a general description of the integrated virtualization solution, Rodstein also describes the Oracle Enterprise Manager and its function, and the Oracle VM templates, components, server, manager, and management pack. He features a matrix comparing the Oracle VM to VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as a review of the other companies' products."