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    Upload SCANNED images to OC


      I do have one more question. Is there any way to upload imaging data to a CRF in OC? E.g. having a CRF for a procedure and you want to add a HE slide or any other digital image. I know there is the option Special->Get Image in the OC data entry menu. Any way that this can be used? Or would I use a labsheet for it? Or is it just not possible?

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          Unfortunately there is no file uploading feature that I am aware of. Please do let us know otherwise. I guess it is hard to generate an audit trial for the image file.
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            I believe you are talking about Graphic Layout as images can be inserted in Graphic Layouts only.

            To make image available in graphic layout editor, store graphic (.gif) in images directory (such as \\<server>\rdc\dcif_images, where <server> is the name of the OC application tier).

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              no I am not referring to the graphic layout editor. The 'view image' capability in OC is according to the Oracle manual designed to show a scanned version of a paper CRF for easier data entry in a split screen like data entry mode. Unfortunately I don't find a reference on how to get it in there, other than through the Orcale API.

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                To be able to fetch images from Oracle Clinical using the Special > Get Image feature, you need to link the database to the appropriate scanning and indexing application such as Integic's e-Power.

                After you have linked and indexed the e-power database that holds the scanned CRF images, you can use the fetch feature.

                Please note that Indexing would involve manually linking each CRF (and its versions) to appropriate Visit, Patient, DCI etc..

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                  Could you build a CRF for RDC 4.6 which allows file or image uploading (attachment)?