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    Getting mimetype


      We currently store images in the database using OrdImage. This works extremely well. However, we've got new requirements to support other data formats other than image, including video, audio, and documents. I know there are other types such OrdVideo, OrdAudio, and OrdDoc in which to store them in, so that we can take advantage of the Multimedia benefits of the database.

      However, all binary types will be provided using the same mechanism. Each will have a filename which includes an extension in which to identify the mimetype. However is there a way to pick up the mime type header so that we know which of the 4 types to store it in. Should we use OrdSource methods? (I've read that Oracle does not suggest using the methods within OrdSource directly).

      For example. A video is pushed called "movie.avi". Obviously I can tell what the file is, and should be pushed into OrdVideo. The next thing pushed would be "image.jpg" and pushed into OrdImage. However, how can I tell programmaticly what Oracle type I should put it in?

      I'm assuming that this has been done before, and I apologize if it's explained in a piece of documentation that I've overlooked.